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as the name suggests, is a mini-balcan-gypsy orchestra, specialising in the fusion of east european music with the languages of the west: jazz and Irish music. The group mix the whole thing up with the music of the mediterranean and the Indian roots of gypsy and flamenco. ORKESTINA have formed their musical language based the collection of the finest material from the mesmerizing repertoire of Bulgarian traditional music, Klezmer (sacred and profane ceremomial music of the Jews of central and eastern Europe) and the music of the Gypsies of the east.

ORKESTINA is made up of musicians from various countries, a fact which peppers its compositions and arrangements with a rich diversity and colour. It’s founder and leader, Colum Pettit (Cork, Ireland) has put together a multiethnic, multicoloured group which include styles and flavours from all over Europe. At the moment, ORKESTINA is a quartet made up of an Irish violinist, an accordinist and double bass from Catalunya and a bulgarian maestro of the Gadulka. The combined musical influences and virtuosity of these four musicians deliver a repertoire in which the various musical styles of eastern and western europe are mixed together to produce a seamless whole.

More and more often this basic formation is enriched by colaborations with some of the most talented musicians involved in world and ethnic music. Litcho Hadjykianov, clarinet virtuoso and the haunting voice of Mina Nenova, ex 'Voix Bulgaire’, since their arrival in Barcelona in 2002, have completed the groups’ bulgarian sound and have made key contributions to their last cd: Transylvania Express. Percussion is provided by a number of talented musicians from the Barcelona world music circuit.

With line-ups from four to seven musicians, frenetic rhythms and vertiginous improvisation is the key to ORKESTINA’s sucess. The group is capable of hypnotizing audiences in any ambit, from the hushed reverence of a small auditorium to the bump and grind of the town square on a saturday night, as the group has proved again and again over the last four years.

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